Balmain Ball Afloat 2018

Friday 4th May, 2O18

7.15pm sharp for 7.3Opm boat departure

Balmain East Wharf (end of Darling Street)

Cocktail and Dance Party, Black Tie

Tickets: $19O pp

In support of Balmain Hospital

Balmain Ball 2018 Sponsors - Ray White Balmain, Autosports Group, All Occasion Cruises, The Cricketers Arms

2O16 Sponsors

Balmain Ball 2016 Sponsors

The Balmain Ball 2O15

On behalf of all of us on the Balmain Ball Committee, we would like to thank you for your contribution and attendance on the 7th August 2015. Your support helps us to continue our mission and assist those in the community.

We are proud to let you know that $90k was raised on the evening. Funds raised were directed to St Vincent’s de Paul Society for use on the Balmain Peninsula and also to the estate of Oumani Browne.

The generous support of our sponsors and individuals in our local area makes it possible to put on this event and help out the community.

Thank you again for your support.
The Balmain Ball Committee

Bringing together the residents of the Balmain Peninsula and the inner west.

In early 2014, a group of likeminded Balmain residents, in a moment of exuberance, decided to institute an annual Balmain Ball. Like the suburb itself, we hit a few bumps along the way. Nevertheless we persisted with a mixture of determination, exasperation, humour and a glass of wine or two – and we were proud to present the first Balmain Ball on 8th August, 2014.

But a Ball on its own isn’t quite enough. Whilst we were inspired by the idea of embracing the strong sense of community that exists on the peninsula, we looked back on, and took inspiration from Balmain’s origins. How better to celebrate Balmain than by “mucking in” and trying to help out someone in need. For this reason The Balmain Ball Limited was established as a not-for-profit company to host the Ball each year, and to raise funds for the local community.

Our mission statement

The mission statement for the Balmain Ball is to bring the local communities and businesses together for a wonderful evening and to create awareness and raise funds for those who need help in our local area.

The Committee

Peter Dunne (Chair), Jenny Chamberlain, Tim Condon, Elisabeth England Drysdale, Johanna Jorgensen and Justine Latham

Balmain Ball 2018

Where does the money go?

In 2014, in our first year, we successfully raised $75,000.

Funds raised from the Balmain Ball were donated to the local St Vincent de Paul Society to support their work in assisting people in the Balmain Peninsula.

Funds raised helped St Vincent de Paul Society in the following ways:

  • Funding for the Buddies Program run for children that cannot afford school outings/excursions;
  • Purchased laptops for the Homework Help Program to assist disadvantaged children;
  • Providing support to refuges that assist people experiencing homelessness;
  • Providing financial assistance for people that leave refuges and shelters; and
  • Providing assistance to many people in need including paying bills/rent/food hampers/ counseling.

In addition, some funds were directed to a young boy who lost his father a few years ago and his mother has advanced stage cancer. This family has endured more than their fair share of hardship and needed our support.

In 2016 all funds raised were donated to the Balmain Hospital for much needed euipment.

Balmain Ball 2018

How the Balmain Ball 
has made a difference to Balmain Hospital in 2O16-17

Balmain Hospital Staff
Balmain Hospital arm strength

Before, the very basic
“thera bands” were used to strengthen arms and legs of heart attack and stroke victims.

New arm and leg press machine

Now, Balmain Hospital has a clinic arm and leg press machine at the cost of $6,000, on level 2 in the Physiotherapy Gym.

Both RPA and Concord Hospital have these machines and with Balmain Hospital now sporting one, all physio programs can be streamlined across the three hospitals for patients rehabilitating from a stroke or heart attack.

Balmain Hospital leg press machine
Balmain Hospital rehabilitation parallel bars

The parallel bars…

Such a simple principle yet so critical in rehabilitating patients to walk again.

Height adjustments, no fixtures in the way, steel bars that are easy to keep sterile, state of the art technology is applied to this very important and understated piece of equipment. We have funded three for level 2,3,&4 of the hospital.

Who would have thought stairs could be so important?

Previously, patients only had germ infested wooden stairs original to the hospital to practice their gross motor skills on. Often without handrails on either side, slippery surfaces and not entirely secure, patients would struggle with their confidence in walking up and down to build their flexibility and muscle tone.

The BB has funded these new set of steps, perfectly designed for rehabilitating patients to learn to walk up and down steps again, free of fear of falling or slipping. Steel hand bars often added security and hygiene.

Balmain Hospital gross motor skills stairs
Balmain Hospital Defibrillator

“If it saves one life, then it is worth every cent”

The Defibrillator is possibly the most critical piece of technology needed at Balmain Hospital.

It’s accuracy in monitoring cardiac dysrhythmias and it’s ability to deliverer a dose of electronic current to the heart is critical in saving patient’s lives.

Balmain Ball 2018

“The incredible fundraising achieved at the inaugural Balmain Ball late last year demonstrated the great commitment the Balmain community have for people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. The funds raised from the event will help younger members of our community through our Youth Programs including Buddy’s Days, Teen Outings and Homework Help as well as provide funds to run our Green Team gardening program and the Christmas hamper program. It is only with the support we receive from groups like the Balmain Ball organising committee that we can continue this important work. On behalf of everyone we will assist because of your generosity, thank you.”

Michael Perusco, CEO, St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

“The Balmain Ball 2014 was the most incredible blessing for my son Mischa and myself. In a time that was incredibly traumatic, frightening and uncertain, the committee scooped us up and showed us the most amazing love and support on an emotional, mental and of course financial level. Their support took a huge burden off me financially when it was most needed.

And on top of everything else, the support has been ongoing so I feel I can call on the committee’s huge network to help with practical & financial things on an ongoing basis.

The Balmain Ball committee were respectful, protective, and always appropriate, and my family and I cannot thank them enough. Plus it was a great night!”


We would like to attribute special thanks to our inaugural 2O14 Balmain Ball sponsors.

McGrath Real Estate

Harding Miller Foundation


Port Authority of NSW

Anka Property Group

Clear Complexions

Michael Johnson and Associates

Waterway Constructions

J Steel Australasia

Robert Oatley Wines

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

Balmain Brewing Company

AJF Partnership

APN Outdoor

Flight Centre

With special thanks to:-

Auctioneer, Peter Mochrie, Dj Dan, Ally Bell Floral Design, FC Productions , Event Projects

Kearns Food, Fourtunate, House of Cerrone &La Tessa Photography

Balmain Ball 2018


Exciting Auction Items

Exciting Auction Items

Thinking about selling your house or maybe getting a new car? Auction items include house sale campaign courtesy of Platinum Sponsors McGrath Balmain & New Fiat 500 courtesy of Leichhardt Fiat Alfa

DJ Dan Rowntree

DJ Dan Rowntree

We are delighted that DJ Dan will be back in 2015!

First ever Balmain Ball

Jamie Parker MP announces the inaugural Balmain Ball.


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